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Well, I couldn’t let the Shopbop Sale pass on by without sharing my favorites, now could I?  Of course, there is way too much to choose from, but, I did my best to give you everything I wish were hanging so pretty in my closet right now.

Don’t forget to enter “INTHEFAMILY14″ at checkout for 25% off your purchase! Sale goes through today, so don’t wait too long!

What did you grab from the sale?!   I’ll surely wait until the 11th hour to make my purchase…I just can’t decide!

Shopbop Embroidered Dress / Sequin Dress / Peach Maxi Dress / Strapless Maxi Dress

Tan Sandals / Grey Sandals

Distressed Denim Shorts / Cognac Clutch / Floral Mini Skirt

Spring Time Tweed

3Tis the season for special events, parties, weddings, showers – both baby and bridal…and anything else that calls for something a little more special than your basic black dress or something of the like.  I’m not sure about you but I absolutely love getting dressed up and even though it doesn’t happen nearly as much as I like, it’s nice to know that when that special day comes around to wear your Sunday best, there are some pretty amazing options out there right now.

Lately, I’ve been trying to balance my wardrobe out when it comes to finding new things in such a way that I make sure I have the basics for every day, but, that also have a handful of dresses that I absolutely love ready to go whenever I need them.  This means, I am always willing to invest in a dress that I will be able to wear now, next year, the year after….and for multiple occasions.

I instantly fell in love with this tweed dress for two reasons: color and fabric.  First, I love this bright, emerald green.  It’s such a beautiful color that is just meant to be worn all spring and summer long.  Second, while this is a tweed, it’s much softer than your typical fall/winter tweeds and it feels gentle against your skin and moves so gracefully.  It was love at first sight and then became a “must have” when I tried it on.

I’m not much of a strapless dress girl much anymore but what I’ve found is that if you find the right statement necklace, it almost acts as a your own variation of straps across your collar bone.  Again, a gold beaded necklace has become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear that I always find a way to incorporate into my looks.  Keep your eyes peeled for one that might work for you, too!

Lastly, if you haven’t found yourself a pair of summer, nude sandals yet, put them on the top of your list!  I wear these pretty sandals all the time and because of the neutral color leather, they make your legs look long and lean.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great Thursday!

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Banana Republic : Green Dress / Talbots : Espadrille Heels, try these, these, these / Kate Spade : Clutch, try this,  / J.Crew : Gold Bead Necklace

Peplum + Lace Up Heels

1Fact : The basics make me happy.  Why?  Because they always get along, don’t they?  You never have to play the guessing game of wondering whether or not your look has come together or not.  With these few color combos, you know you’re going to make it right.

I know my life isn’t filled with the fanciest of occasions but I am always looking for ways to incorporate these strappy little heels into my wardrobe.  Today is a perfect example of how you can easily dress up a pair of shorts and a knit top and make it a little bit more special.  Love it when that happens…  Guess what else ups the impact when you’re only working with a few pieces?  That would pearls.  Big, chunky pearls.  The eternal prepster in me will always, always, always love her pearls.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


J.Crew Factory : Striped Peplum, try this, this / J.Crew Factory : Black Shorts / J.Crew : Sweater, try this, this / J.Crew : Black Heels, try these, these / Michael Kors : Gold Watch / J.Crew Pearl Necklace (try this) Earrings (try these), Bracelet (try this) / Chanel Bag, Vintage here, try this, this

Before I go!  I saw these on IG the other day…  Thoughts?  I’ve been searching for a pair up lace of heels for weeks and have yet to commit.  I bought these the other day but I’m not quite sure I’m going to keep… Any tips of your favorite pair?

Sole Society

Lace Up Heels


Pink, Navy + Cozy Favorites

1Hey, Tuesday!  This afternoon, when Ava and I were out and about running some errands, she randomly told me, “Hey, Mommy…it’s Monday!”, to which I responded…”No, it’s not!”.  Yes, friends.  This is what happens when you pull me out of my routine and into something like a vacation.  I can’t remember which way is up, I tell ya.  You can only imagine what it’s like when the summer rolls around.  This, of course, isn’t a complaint!  I love a lil vacation day in my life!

Today’s mini skirt is brought to you by a girlfriend who insisted I bring this little thing home with me and that it wasn’t too short!  Turns out, she was right…  Thanks, H!  I adore these pink and navy stripes and while I could have spiced this whole outfit up just a little bit more, I chose to keep it simple and let the focus be on the the simplicity of the complimentary colors you see here.  Nothing too crazy, just the way I like it!

Have a great day, friends!


Gap : Striped Skirt / J.Crew : Navy Tee / Gap : Belt, similar here / J.Crew : Wedge Sandals, try these, these, these / Madewell : Tote / Michael Kors : Gold Watch / J.Crew : Pearl Drop Earrings, Necklace, try these earrings, this bracelet

Here’s a random addition for you!  After work, I go from “School Clothes” to pajamas in about 8.5 seconds…and that’s if I’m moving slow.  Therefore, I’m constantly on the lookout for comfortable, yet affordable, cosy clothes to jump into once I walk through my door.  This past weekend, I spotted these hoodies at Target and after a quick try on right there in the aisle, I went home with all 4 colors.  Why?  Cause they’re only $20 and they’re lightweight for spring and summer.  What more could you want?

Target Hoodies

Cozy Hoodie

Pinstripes + Investment Shoes


I almost titled this post “Railroad Stripes” but couldn’t help but use another favorite, “Pinstripes” if for no other reason than to celebrate Sunday’s Yankee win over the Red Sox.  Man – does my family love some Yankee Baseball!  Well, my husband loves his Phils but this gal was raised to respect the NYY.  Can’t help it…it’s in my blood.  My poor daughter, so confused, as I constantly remind her or our favorite team only to have Curt pull her little heart in the other direction.  Oh well, we all know who usually wins in the end!  #yankeesforlife

Anyway, baseball fan or not, I love these skinny blue stripes and this adorable pair of pants is the perfect way to casually pop them in and out of my wardrobe whenever I’m craving some subtle prints.  Barely noticeable unless you’re standing close enough, but bold enough to know that your outfit has a little bit of detail to shake things up.

My wedge obsession continues and this patent navy pair are very comfortable and perfect for so many of my upcoming outfits.  In other words, you’re probably going to be seeing them a lot!  I tossed a cashmere cardigan over my tote so when I’m blasted with cold air conditioning or still running around town when the sun goes down, my outfit is easily ready to keep me warm.

Have a great Monday, everyone!  Long live Spring Break!


Gap : Pinstripe Pants (30% off PROMO code: : JUSTFORU)  / Old Navy : Crochet Tank (25% off PROMO code : ONSAVENOW) / J.Crew : Cashmere Cardigan, try this, this / Banana Republic : Patent Navy Wedges (on sale!)  / Madewell : Tote / Michael Kors : Gold Watch / J.Crew : Pearl Earrings, try these,  Bracelet

I think it’s no secret that I just love me some shoes.  The problem isn’t necessarily that I love shoes…I love really well made shoes.  Le sigh.  I love soft suede, leather, and quality craftsmanship.  While this sounds lovely and all, requirements such as these usually come at a cost.  I went shopping this past weekend and had one of those moments where you spot the most perfect pair of shoes from across the store and practically take out other shoppers as you beeline over to said shoes.

These zip up booties are amazing.  So soft, the perfect slouchy material and just heaven on the soles.  Gah.  They just made their way straight to the top of my wish list.  Oh, and the low cut booties below them?  They’re fairly awesome as well.

And there you have it.  Another pair of investment shoes that I couldn’t help but sharing with you, too!  Who else loves a well made pair of shoes?  I can’t possibly be standing alone here…

Paul Green

Paul Green Zip Up Booties

Paul Green Booties